Welcome to High Wire Ranch

High Wire Ranch Bison Cow and Calf Resting near fence

Bison Breeding Stock For Sale

Taking orders on a select number of

2019 bison heifers 

Call (970) 835-7600 for more information

Bison Meat For Sale at the Ranch

We have USDA Inspected Bison Steaks, Roasts, Ground and other cuts available year round at the Ranch.  Call (970) 835-7600 for current pricing.

If you prefer to order online here for Telluride Area delivery, Aspen and Crested Butte order here,

Stores that stock our meat for sale are Rogers Mesa Store and Farm Runners in Hotchkiss, Skips Farm to Market in Basalt, Silt and Fruita.

100% Grass Fed Bison

Order High Wire Ranch Elk Velvet Antler online

There are 60 - 500mg capsules per bottle. It is 100% Elk Velvet Antler with no fillers.

Please call High Wire Ranch at 970-835-7600 for quantity discount orders.