High Wire Ranch

Dave & Sue Whittlesey
27497 Buffalo Road
Hotchkiss, CO 81419
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find us on facebookBringing Bison Back — "Bravo for buffalo. See how we're saving the Western icon by eating it (again)". Article in Sunset Magazine discusses High Wire Ranch and the Whittlesey's efforts to save the buffalo by raising them for health-conscious consumers.
bison calf

High Wire Ranch has been raising Buffalo since 1981 and Elk since 1987!

The High Wire Ranch is located 53 miles southeast of Grand Junction, Colorado, on Redlands Mesa. Currently, we have over 150 bison and elk at the ranch.

  • Our pastures are herbicide and pesticide free
  • 100% grass fed buffalo and elk
  • Our animals are not given hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics
  • All our meat is USDA inspected, professionally processed, and vacuum packaged
  • No added nitrates!
elk on the ranch

Buy from experienced respected leaders in the grassfed meat growing industry.

Dave and Sue Whittlesey have spoken at organizations throughout North America about the benefits of bison and elk ranching. We are always willing to take the time to answer your questions about our ranch, our bison and elk and the meat we sell direct to our customers throughout the USA. Feel free to contact us.

High Wire Ranch was featured in the March/April 07 issue of Eating Well Magazine and most recently in Sunset Magazine, the February 2008 issue, "Bringing Bison Back." America's Heartland, a national PBS television show, featured our ranch. The article and video about us is available online at the America's Heartland website.

We love what we do and take pride in providing our customers with the best possible bison and elk meat. We enjoy a personal relationship with our customers at farmers markets and through our website which is how we sell direct. Visitors are welcome at our ranch by appointment.

We ship directly to you! Download prices and details by clicking here!

We ship frozen meat in a foam lined box with reusable ice packs via 2nd day FedEx on Monday. Colorado orders are shipped FedEx ground. To place an order, download a pdf of our current meat prices which includes elk antler capsules, and elk velvet antler strips. Then call us at 970.835.7600 with your order by 5pm on Fridays.

We have chosen not to have a shopping cart because our customers prefer to have a more personal relationship with the folks that produce their food.